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future projects

T(ART) Productions is currently working on a range of projects. We love creating safe spaces for everyone, whilst maintaining our signature brand of camp, queer, and eclectic work.

We're currently focusing on creating more queer social events, such as Queer Life Drawing and Queer Dance.


We want to bring this to young people too. Looking forward, we want to create more shows and workshops with young people in mind.


Made specifically for young people, Teen Drag Camp is a series of workshops created to give teens an understanding of the world of drag as a performance art. It will give you the tools you need to put together a look and a routine in your own unique style, with an optional showcase at the end. Taking you through the history of drag to where it is now as a dynamic, boundary-pushing artform, you will gain knowledge, confidence, and a range of skills.

Lead by Ginger Tart, there is potential for guest artists to join and lead on specialist areas.

If you are interested in working with us as a venue, organisation or workshop leader, please get in touch via

Two cabaret performers gather around a microphone singing. On the left there is a small brown Asian cabaret performer with sparkly makeup a lace flower in their dark hair and red lipstick, wearing fishnets a beaded leotard and a black sequin jacket. On the right is a slim white drag queen with cartoony makeup, a curly ginger wig and a top hat, wearing a white leotard with a bowtie and black trousers. They both look like they're having a jolly good time.

Photo by Fiona Cue

Teen Drag Camp
CAMP: A Drag Show for Kids
A slim white drag queen has a cartoonish expression of horror as a gigantic shark puppet reaches towards her. The shark has giant shint red lips and oversized eyelashes on it's big eyes.

Photo by Chris Marchant Photography


CAMP brings together all the joy and creativity of drag in a kid-friendly package. Featuring puppetry, story telling and your favourite songs, this is a warm and inclusive cabaret style event. The message: you're wonderful just the way you are!

This show will be an explosion of colour, fun, and good vibes.

If you are interested in working with us as a venue or performer, please get in touch via

Wolf: A Queer Drag Panto
A slim white drag performer holds up a finger disapprovingly. They are wearing a shiny green bodysuit with a cutout on the chest which looks like vines. They are also wearing a black, rhinestoned, kimono style jacket, a large black lace collar and a black wig with green jewellery in it. It screams camp panto villain.

Photo by Fyrefly Studios


We are currently developing another queer drag panto. Based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood, this show looks at Wilf: a man who keeps getting mistaken for a boy due to his baby face. He asks the Fairy Godmother to grant him a lustrous beard. Things go awry when she accidentally turns him into a werewolf! How will he ask out Little Red now?

This panto is designed for ages 12+. It's a fun, silly, unpretentious show with a message of self-acceptance at its core. This show will be launching in Winter 2022/23.

If you are interested with working with us as a performer, set designer, choreographer, or costumer designer, please get in touch via

The Sex Ed Experience
A stocky white drag performer holds up a trans flag whilst hopefully looking up. They are wearing a striped shirt in the non-binary flag colours, have piercing blue eyes and bleach blond hair.

Photo by Con Duffy

the sex ed experience

In September 2020 the UK Goverment introduced new sex ed guidelines. Although the new curriculum is much better than its predecessors, there are still many gaps and a lot of vagueness in the content.

We plan on creating an interactive show for teenagers, telling them about all the bits they miss out at school. Working with school health practitioners and leading sexual health charities, this show will cover topics schools may be uncomfortable with and help young people form healthy relationships with sex.

We are currently seeking collaborators for this project. If you are interested, please get in touch via

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